DIY Pest Control Product Spotlight: Rat & Mouse Killer Ruby Grain

Do you have a problem with mice or rats in your house? Have you seen the odd rodent scurrying around and you want to tackle the problem before it becomes an infestation?

When it comes to suspected infestations, we would usually say don’t bother with DIY pest control. However, there are some situations where it will work. 

If you’ve seen mice or rats in your home and you want to give the DIY approach a try, here’s one of the products that can be very effective. 

Need to get rid of mice or rats from your house?

Mice and rats, like most pests are on the lookout for food, water, and shelter, especially in the colder months. If you’ve noticed the odd mouse in your home, you might think that it’s just a nuisance, but believe us, they breed fast. So you’re better off acting quickly to deal with the problem before it turns into a more serious infestation. 

Should I try DIY pest control?

If you’ve only seen a solitary mouse or rat and there are no signs of infestation like droppings or obvious damage to your property where they’ve chewed on things, the DIY approach might just work. 

What DIY pest control product should I use to get rid of mice and rats from my house?

Our recommendation is our Rat & Mouse Killer Ruby Grain. It’s a very effective professional strength rodenticide. In fact, it’s the strongest available poison you can get for domestic use. It’s made from high-quality wholewheat grain and it contains no wax, which makes it more appealing to mice and rats. You can use the grain indoors and outdoors. 

What is the active ingredient in Rat & Mouse Killer Ruby Grain?

The active ingredient is difenacoum, which is an anticoagulant rodenticide. 

How does difenacoum kill rats and mice?

It thins the blood so internal bleeding occurs. This is not painful for rats and mice. When they have consumed enough of the poison, they will become lethargic and may retreat to their nests where they die. 

Is Rat & Mouse Killer Ruby Grain toxic?

Difenacoum can poison non-target animals. The best way to avoid this happening is putting the poison in a bait box. Rat & Mouse Killer Ruby Grain is designed to taste very unpleasant and bitter to pets and children however, so accidental poisoning is very unlikely. 

Want to get rid of insects in your house?

If you’ve seen the odd rodent here and there, and there are no other signs of infestation, try a DIY pest control product like our Rat & Mouse Killer Ruby Grain. But for larger infestations, we can’t guarantee that a DIY solution will work. Don’t wait, protect your home and family by calling Contego. 

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