Meet the team – Laura, Customer Service Manager

Meet Laura Guthrie, Customer Service Manager

Next in our series of interviews with some key members of the Contego family, we’re chatting to Laura Guthrie about her role as Customer Service Manager and why communication is key when it comes to great customer service.

Q) Can you tell me a little about your background and what led you to work

ing at Contego?

I previously worked in car sales and postal equipment sales and I really wanted to get my teeth into something completely new. I joined Contego in April 2017 as an Administrator. Watching the business grow over the past 4 and half years has been amazing, along with my promotion to Customer Service Manager last year, of course!

Q) What does your role as customer service manager involve?

I currently look after a team of 6 and there are 2 new employees joining the service team at the beginning of January. As Customer Service Manager, it’s so important that I both ensure we are providing an excellent service to new and existing clients, and find ways to improve services where it’s needed. I also make sure customer expectations are met at all times, whether this is via the team or myself when I’m dealing with customers via phone/email or the MyContego portal.

Q)What are you responsible for, day to day?

I’m responsible for making sure that an excellent standard of service is always provided to our customers. I also support my team as well as other colleagues, and work closely with Operations Managers on scheduling and making sure services are being delivered on time.

 Q) What is Contego’s ethos when it comes to customer service?

Contego’s ethos is about being a truly trusted, customer- focused company; a company that is always responsive to our customers’ needs and demands, and always delivering excellent customer service.

Q) What is your number one ‘must’ for great customer service?

Communication is key. Whether that’s communication within teams or with our customers, clear, honest, and open communication is so important.

Q) What would you say it’s like working for Contego and what do you like about the way things are done here?

Working at Contego is great. The team is so supportive and there’s a real “family” feeling to the business. Everyone works together; teamwork makes the dream work, as they say.

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