Meet the team – Jordan Duff, Videographer and Marketing Assistant

Up next in our series of interviews with some key members of the Contego family, we’re chatting to Jordan Duff, our Videographer & Marketing Assistant about his role at Contego and his passion for film.

Q: Tell us a little bit about your background.

I studied at London Metropolitan University, I studied a degree in film and television. During my time studying I filmed around 8-10 films, I shot a documentary and I also shot quite a few music videos to make a bit of pocket money on the side, as well as some little adverts for small businesses local to my area. I still film music videos, live sessions and I’m currently writing another film that is outside of university restrictions so there is a lot of freedom there. 

Q: Where did your passion for film come from? 

When I was around 4/5 I was given a flip a phone, it was one of the first ones with a camera. It didn’t have a sim card as I wasn’t allowed one, so I couldn’t use the phone, the only function I could use was the camera. I would go round taking photos of flowers, people, cereal bowls and anything else I could find. It all kind of started from taking photos at a young age. Then when I was around 9/10, I watched the original Alien film and that was the first film that ever grasped me. It had me thinking wow how did they make an alien?! It really had me thinking about how they used cameras and created sets. I forgot about it all for a while, although I still watched films and analysed them. 

Then I got to school, and I started to excel in fine art, in particular portraits of people and looking at light a lot more. I started painting and drawing things, finishing that class with a distinction star. I got to college and didn’t really know that to do, went into media and didn’t really like it. But I was still taking photos and things like that, I just wanted to film things. When I started making films in film studies, I realised I was scratching the itch I was looking for and found I was getting a lot of praise for the filming I was doing. 

Went to University and just kept doing really well, that’s when I realised this was what I really wanted to do, and it was all I thought about. 

Q: What does a typical day at Contego look like for you? 

Fast paced, full of energy and always something to be done. One day I could be editing in the office and then the next I’m travelling to London to film a day in the life with the technicians. 

Q: Why is video important for Contego? 

It allows the company to be transparent, I build a bridge between the customer and our services. It provides a visual for the customer, allowing them a glimpse into what we do. I feel like when I’m going out shooting videos I can show customers real life experience and how we would fix that problem and that is key to being transparent. 

Q: What would you say it’s like working for Contego and what do you like about the way things are done here? 

Contego is set apart from other pest control companies, as it drives forward its innovative techniques such as risk reporting, root cause analysis, first time fix and its smart technology that improves the way pest control is managed. This is what attracted me to the role at Contego, having the opportunity to capture these modes of pest control for customers to see how they work. Working at Contego, feels like working through one massive growth spurt, the company’s growth is rapid and constant. However, the results of seeing ideas come to life are worth it and you can feel the hard work paying off.

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