We’ve Been Accredited by RISQS

As a company, we’re committed to offering quality that our clients trust. We’ve been accredited by RISQS,The Railway Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme – RISQS. Here’s what it means for Contego and our clients.

Why RISQS and What is It?

We do a lot of pest control work on and around rail infrastructure, particularly rail platforms. So it makes sense that we’d want clients and potential clients in the rail industry to trust us.

That’s why we worked hard to achieve RISQS accreditation. RISQS is an accreditation scheme run by the rail industry, for the rail industry. It gives buyers access to the right suppliers with the right credentials and it gives suppliers like us credibility and visibility.

Why Work with a RISQS Accredited Company?

Industries like the rail industry are complex. The industry is dealing with increasing demands and pressures as well as needing to prioritise safety and business continuity. That’s why it makes sense that any suppliers need to work at the highest standards, both in service delivery and safety. We wanted RISQS accreditation because it’s the industry gold standard. It shows potential clients what great suppliers look like and it reminds us of the standards we need to uphold.

The Benefits of RISQS for Our Clients

They get the information they need about us at their fingertips: Clients just access a simple platform that allows them to see our credentials and capabilities, ask questions, and compare us to other pest control providers.

They can easily find their perfect supplier: As well as credentials and capabilities, clients can search for companies that serve certain locations. They can also search by project-specific criteria.

It does away with the need for extra audits: We had to meet strict safety and performance criteria to join RISQS and receive accreditation. This means it removes the need for clients to carry out extra quality, safety, and performance audits.

It raises standards: As suppliers, we can compare ourselves against our competitors to see if there’s room for improvement. Clients can actively request suppliers who are competent in particular areas. The result is that it raises overall standards among suppliers and across the rail industry as a whole.

We are proud to be RISQS accredited. Some of the rail industry’s biggest players including Network Rail and Transport for London trust RISQS to help them meet their safety obligations. Part of the way they can do this is by choosing the right suppliers with the right credentials to do the job.

To find out more about our accreditations, click here.

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