Men’s Health Week 2022

The Campaign

Today marks the start of International Men’s Health Week, a week that has been marked every year since 2002 and focuses on health issues affecting men.

During this week, men are encouraged to take steps to improve their physical and mental health, leading to longer and healthier lives.

This year the campaign theme focuses on ‘Man MOT’, run by the Men’s Health Forum, the message from them this year is simple:

“It’s time for your MOT.

  • Take notice of what’s going on in your body and mind.
  • Do the forum’s quick and easy DIY Man MOT
  • Get yourself a copy of the CAN DO manual which will also be online soon, a FREE download manual collecting together all the great ideas our Men’s Health Champions have had for things we can all do to boost our mental wellbeing.
  • Dig a bit deeper with our existing Man MOT manuals: Man MOT and Man MOT for the Mind.
  • Get an NHS Health Check
  • Go and see your GP or use NHS 111 if you’re concerned about any symptoms.

This Men’s Health Week, it’s time for your MOT.”

Support for men’s mental health

Looking after your mental health is just as important as your physical health, Men’s Health Forum claims that just over three out of four suicides (76%) are by men and suicide is the biggest cause of death for men under 35.

Therefore, we need to end the stigma around mental health and work towards a happier and more supportive community.

There are lots of organisations and charities that focus on supporting men struggling with mental health, and we know sometimes it can be difficult to find the courage to seek help but we encourage you to take the time to look after yourself and ask for support if you need it.

You will find many organisations available to offer support and guidance if you’re struggling:

Men’s Health Forum –

Movember – Supporting Men’s Health –

Father’s Reaching Out, Father’s Mental Health –

Men’s Sheds UK – Support for Lonely Older Men –

Mind –

Mental Health Foundation –

Samaritans –

As well as these great organisations there is also, CALM – Campaign Against Living Miserably –

Recently Contego’s very own Rob Curston – Head of Sales took on the challenge of a 100-mile bike ride as part of the London-Essex Ride 100 to raise money for CALM and spread awareness.

Rob let us know a bit about why he decided to take on such a challenge for CALM:

“I have completed numerous rides over the years and raised about 5k for Alzheimer’s society as my mum struggled with that for many years. I saw CALM at PestEx and thought they were a great charity doing great things. If I can help to reduce the risk of one person committing suicide, as they have called CALM instead, then it’s a worthy thing to do.

Each £8 raised approx pays for a phone call to be answered to someone in need. That’s a very small price for someone’s life. The ride was of course not easy but I had good friends with me pulling me along….plus the thought of a beer after helped too…”

A worthy cause if ever we heard one. Our Contego Pledge means that in any charitable endeavors our Contego heroes take part in, their efforts will be matched by us. Now, as most of us aren’t quite fit enough to ride 100 miles, we will be matching any donations made on Rob’s just giving page.

The amount currently stands at £270 but we’re sure with your support we can get that amount even higher, so get donating everybody!

If you’re concerned about someone, please make sure you reach out to them, advise them on the organisations above, and show support as they talk about their mental health.

Men’s Health Week – Men’s Health Forum

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