Contego Hero: Chris Rumsey 

It feels like we’re bursting at the seams with Contego Heroes carrying out good deeds at the moment. And, whilst we already know our pest control company is full of the best humans around, we want to shout it from the rooftops, so here it is… CHRIS RUMSEY IS A CONTEGO HERO!   

Chris will be undertaking a 50km walk with a group of ‘SuperDads’, led by ex-professional footballer Damien Scannell.  

“Damien is now commonly known as ‘Superdad Damo’ an online coach solely focussed on improving the lives of dads – currently a thousand strong army of these men supporting each other to reach their goals.  

Damo raises huge amounts of money for underprivileged kids in London and he inspires men everywhere to better themselves physically and emotionally.” (  

It’s a very worthy cause if ever we heard one, and we are more than happy to support our Pest Control Supervisor Chris in taking up the challenge with Damo and getting his steps in! The sponsored 50km walk will begin at Trafalgar Square at 8am on Saturday 23rd of July, so Londoners, if you’re up that early on a Saturday, pop along to cheer Chris, Damo, and all the other superdads along!  

Contego Pledge 

Our Contego Pledge means that in any charitable endeavors our Contego heroes take part in, their efforts will be matched by us. Contego are proud to make a £200 donation to the cause, with all funds raised for the walk going to providing tutors for underprivileged children throughout the summer holidays.

If you’d like to make a donation, you can do so here: 

Once again we want to reiterate how proud we are of Chris for this undertaking, and we wish him, and his soon very sore feet all the best! YOU’RE A CONTEGO HERO CHRIS! 

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