Customer Transparency – Why it’s Important For a Business

More than ever, businesses need to earn and keep the trust of their customers.

Because customers have so many potential options available to them, retention can be a task. They have the luxury of taking their business elsewhere if something goes wrong with a tonne of alternatives for customers when it comes to where to shop, including in-person, online, social media, and mobile apps. Customer loyalty is the key to customer retention, and one of the most effective ways to do this is via openness.

We believe in openness from top to bottom here at Contego. Here are just a few of the ways in which we utilise an open book policy in our business, and the benefits we all see, on a business and customer level, as a result.

Transparent Reporting

The first, and most obvious way we utilise transparency at Contego, is through our reporting. As a Contego customer, you have access to exactly the same information as us. From our findings in pest service visits to the actions and recommendations we put in place for the future, you have access to it all on the myContego Portal. Presented in easy to understand graphical data, with multi language options available, we believe in empowering you – our customers with all of the data and knowledge to manage their pest risk effectively. We understand that from a business perspective, the less you see of us the better, and the best way to achieve this is to provide you with all the information we have to keep your premises pest free.

Transparent Costing

Nothing destroys a customer’s faith faster than promising one price and then quietly changing it. Whilst other pest control companies may engage in such practices, enraging customers, our attitude towards pricing is quite different. You will always know the price you pay, before you pay it. You will know the complete cost for things such as access cost or equipment hire, you will always know what will be required before a job is undertaken, and reserve the right to change your mind – though we’re confident you won’t with our very competitive pricing!

Knowledge is Power

We like to say that we’re the pest control company, that helps you to not need a pest control company. As already mentioned, we equip you with knowledge to manage your own pest risk as a customer, through our myContego Portal. However, pest management isn’t a closed book if you’re not a Contego Customer. There is a wealth of knowledge to be gained from keeping up to date with our Contego Social Media channels (links can be found at the bottom of this blog post…). We post regular educational blog posts, and helpful ways for you to keep up on top of your pest problems, and prevent them before they occur!

As well as this, we offer free site risk surveys for new customers. An advantage of this for you is that even if you decide Contego isn’t for you, we’ve still helped you to effectively manage your pest risk, and that’s a win in our eyes!

Transparency then, has obvious benefits to both customers and businesses alike, and we have seen clear benefits from our transparent approach. Do you like the sound of a pest control business that won’t beat around the bush, keeps you fully informed throughout, and helps you to effectively manage your pest risk? Then get in touch!

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