Marketing: Is it Really Important to us?

If you ask one of us marketing folk why what we do is vital, you’ll likely receive a long list of explanations that you may not necessarily relate to. Marketing has importance to every area of Contego business and beyond.

We need to let other people know that the pest management we provide is the best in the business – a fact that we already know, but others may not.  How effectively we promote Contego will decide how successful we are.  We use marketing tool used to build and sustain demand, reputation, brand recognition, boost sales, and much more.

Blow That Trumpet!

Growing people’s awareness of the Contego brand is absolutely vital to us. We’re great, we know this. Our customers tell us this, but we need to tell this to people who don’t know it yet. Blowing our own trumpet, if you will. If you keep shouting about what you do consistently over time more and more people will hear about what you do and how great you are, and that’s precisely what we want!  

We gain reputation through recommendations, positive reviews, increased inquiries, and online and offline conversations. If we don’t market, we won’t be seen or heard. That’s what we don’t want…

Wanna’ Talk About It?

If we don’t shout about what we do then we’re not effectively engaging with potential customers or clients.  By sharing blogs, news, industry information, and up-to-date and relevant content on social media, we are constantly opening the conversation with potential customers. Engaging in conversations allows us to bring the outside world in, and potential customers then grow to know, like and trust us. What could be more important to a business? 

The world of pest control can often seem complex and uninviting, but the more potential customers get to learn about what we do, why our products or services are special, and how we -can help, the more inviting we become! So, let’s talk!

Hello, New Business!

Marketing, when effective can help boost sales by promoting our products or services.  Marketing and sales work hand in hand.

By effectively marketing Contego, we are looking to customers to pull the trigger and decide, “Hey, I think Contego are the people for us!”.

Done strategically, a positive impact on sales will follow.  Think of marketing as telling the story of  as many places as possible to the right audience. It’s all about showing off our products or services, promoting what we have to offer and why you stand out from competitors. If we do this well, this can only lead sales in one direction… up!

Hopefully, that’s cleared up the mystery of what it is us lot actually do from the marketing office at Contego HQ. We also eat a lot of snacks and gossip, but don’t worry about that, that’s by the wayside… 

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