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Roof Net – Carlisle Case Study

ASDA Carlisle

Roof Net – Carlisle


National Supermarket Chain




Our National project manager, Jonathan Taylor oversaw the project from start to finish. Jonathan consulted with the main contractor on the best and most cost-effective solution to ensure that the roof space was protected from pest birds. It was quickly identified that the previous netting which had been installed by another contractor had become damaged due to the lack of supporting posts and wires across the netted area.


Thus, additional posts and wires were required to bring the netting up to standard.Project Outline - Removal of old damaged netting from main roof, high roof and lower roof levels. Installation of additional 30nr two meter supporting posts across the roof. Installation of new 2mm stainless steel wire frame/supporting fixings. New netting to the main roof area to protect plant equipment. New netting to high level roof area which had become damaged due to strong winds/lack of supporting wires. Prior to work commencing onsite full RAMS and final survey was conducted to ensure that all nesting birds had fledged from the area. All work was completed on schedule and on budget. If you would like to know more about this project or have a project which requires bird proofing please contact Contego for expert advice and guidance

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