3 Reasons Why Spiders Are Good To Have Around

It seams like Spiders are absolutely everywhere at the moment right? Right! It’s the time of year the males  crawl out of the crevices looking for female counterparts to mate with before bedding down for the winter. According to entomologist Professor Adam Hart, in a recent study of arachnid life cycles, 82% of indoor sighting are males with the females preferring to stick windowsills / webs in and around the house( http://www.bioone.org/doi/abs/10.13156/arac.2017.17.7.331).This influx is a short lived phenomenon but having spiders around isn’t really a bad thing at all! Really!

Heres 3 reasons why Spiders are actually Good to have around!

They are Natural Pest Controllers!!

They are generalist predators and eat the pesky flies and insects thats inhabit our         homes They don’t discriminate between blow flies cluster flies or cockroaches and prey will do!

Curb the spread of disease 

Many of the home invaders spiders prey on are disease spreaders therefore letting spider do their thing curbs the spread of such diseases

Great for the eco system! 

They don’t just keep our homes pest free they prey on insects that attack crops making them an asset to the eco system. Win -win!  

Whether you can see them or not spiders are most definitely around our homes. Unless you really can’t stomach them the advice would be let them be or catch and release outside. 

Not convinced?

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