Fly Control

Fly Control at Work and at Home.

The key to resolving any fly issue is to identify the source of the problem.
Find the breeding and feeding sites and clean thoroughly.
Remove the moisture or defect and keep the area as dry as possible.
Remember, most flies need moisture or liquid to thrive.
Fix and leaks or stagnant water issues as required.
Cover, wrap, remove and store food items or potential attractants.
Keep all your windows and doors closed or have fine mesh or fly screens installed.
Process your waste correctly and clean out all bins and storage units regularly.
Ceilings, walls and features to be regularly cleaned to reduce the risk of flies feeding from them.
Drip trays, sinks and drains to be covered if safe to do so or flushed regularly.
Electric fly killer units are effective to help monitor and reduce numbers, but remember not all flies are attracted to U.V.
Clean, Clean, Clean, take pride in what you do…would you want a fly in your Soup?
Once these issues have been addressed and the issue is still present, its time to get in contact with us at Contego!

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