Forest Carbon

At the heart of our core company values is ‘To beware of our environment.’ As a company we collectively feel we need to do what we can to protect it.

It really matters to us….. a lot.

We have made an ongoing commitment to supporting the creation of new woodlands in the UK. A project to mitigate the impact of our greenhouse gas emissions whilst making a contribution to wider environment.

We are very much about our people and the wider community too. We love wildlife and feel supporting the creation of sustainable protected woodlands that can be enjoyed by all for us, is also just a good thing to do.

Since 2006 Forest Carbon has been creating new woodlands in the UK on behalf of companies and individuals wanting to capture the unavoidable carbon dioxide emissions that arise from their activities, and make a wider contribution to local environments and communities at the same time. With expertise in forestry, carbon markets and woodland carbon methodologies, Forest Carbon is the country’s leading developer of voluntary carbon woodland schemes certified under the Woodland Carbon Code.

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