Forget Me Not Day

National Forget-Me-Not Day is a day dedicated to reconnecting with old family and friends that haven’t been talked to in a long time. It also can be a day to remember those who have passed away. Following World War I, Judge Robert S. Marx became the head of the Disabled Veterans of the World War (DAVWW). This group chose the forget-me-not flower as their flower, just as the poppy became associated with Armistice Day, which was later known as Veteran’s Day. Some sources claim that this is also when Forget-Me-Not Day got its start, positing that it was created in 1921 to remember those returning from war, and to raise money for them by selling the flowers. Thus, today not only focuses on reconnecting with old family and friends but with reassuring veterans that they are not forgotten. This seems fitting as the day takes place the day before Veteran’s Day.

How to Observe

Celebrate the day by connecting with old family and friends. Write a letter to them, and send them forget-me-not flowers or seeds. You could also call them up on the phone. If you are separated from them by a great distance, you will be calling to a different area code, which helps you celebrate Area Code Day as well. Since the day may have roots in honouring veterans, you could also celebrate the day by giving forget-me-not flowers to a veteran, and letting them know that they and their service are not forgotten.



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