Good Night, Sleep Tight, Don’t Let The Bed Bugs Bite!

‘Good Night, Sleep tight Don’t let the Bed Bugs Bite’

A centuries old saying you may be familiar with certainly one I heard a lot in my childhood.  A Saying that  may not be so light hearted as it was recently reported that Bed Bug numbers are on the up.


Bed Bugs are literally everywhere, there is no country on Earth that has not experienced a bed bug problem. As travel booms on an international and domestic basis, bugs from unchecked infestations are hitch hiking onto our luggage and possessions infesting transport, workplaces homes and hotels in the process. Bed bugs are indiscrimiatory in where they take up residence  Air India were forced to ground planes that were infected earlier in the year and even the Houses of Parliament have reportedly battled bed bug infestations. 

So, How do you spot a Bedbug infestation?

Often the first sign of Bedbugs are there bites  but you should also to look out for

  • Dark stains of ‘excreta’ – tiny dots of bed bug poo 
  • ‘Blood spots’  – dots of blood which have been left after squashing  a bed bug after its fed   
  • Small bugs / skins – despite only being 4-5mm long bed bugs and their sheaded shells can been with the naked eye
  • Tiny white eggs – typically a female bed bug will lay 5 eggs per day and 500 in a lifetime. 

Check around mattress, bed frame and furniture (particularly in the joints) around cracks and crevices in the room and behind mirrors and pictures. They prefer to be close to where you are sleeping and are best seen with a bright touch. You may also notice an unpleasant sweet / musty smell in the infested room.

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