Diy Vs Professional Pest Control

DIY vs Professional Pest Control

It’s never pleasant to find pests on your property, but what do you do when you come across an invasion of ants or you suspect you have mice in your home or business premises?

Do you take to Google then go off shopping to get every spray, insecticide, and trap you can find and take things into your own hands, or do you consider calling in professional pest control?

In this article, we want to look at why, when it comes to effective and lasting pest control, you should always choose the professionals.

DIY vs Professional Pest Control

Now if you’re pretty sure that you’ve only seen one pest, and there are no more signs of pests in and around your home or business premises, there’s no harm in giving DIY pest control at try. But the main issue with trying to get rid of pests yourself is that it doesn’t always tackle the root of the problem. Yes, that trap might do away with the one mouse that’s brave enough to leave the nest and hunt for food, but what about its family that’s hidden away?

What about the fact that your home or business premises is still fair game for pests until it’s pest-proofed?

When it comes to pest control, here’s why you need help from the professionals.

Professional pest control gets rid of pests and stops them from coming back

As we mentioned, there’s no use getting rid of that one mouse when its rapidly growing family are still scuttling around in your loft, or you haven’t blocked up that gaping hole around your pipework to stop more pests from getting in. DIY pest control only deals with the symptoms of pests, not the cause, whereas the professionals will eradicate pests and stop them from coming back.

Pest control professionals use safer and more effective products

Your shop-bought pesticides and sprays might do the job on some of the pests in your home or business premises, but spraying or putting down potentially harmful chemicals isn’t great when kids or animals are around, and it’s not good for the environment either. Pest control professionals tend to use safer, more effective, and more environmentally-friendly products.

Professional pest control can save you time and money

You might think you’re saving money when you just have to pay for a few cans of spray or whatever upfront, but what about the time and money you waste trying to sort out your pest problem again and again when your DIY methods don’t work? Professional pest control can rid you of your problems fast and cost-effectively.

You’ll have peace of mind that your problem is solved

At Contego, we guarantee that our highly-trained technicians will get the job done safely and do it well. DIY pest control comes with no such guarantees. Investing in professional pest control will give you peace of mind that your home or business premises is free from pests, for good.

Pest control professionals have the know-how to deal with any pest problem

Yes, you can turn to Google for DIY pest control advice, but our technicians have the know-how, experience, and training to deal with any pest problem and prevent it from recurring.

Our verdict?

In some cases, DIY pest control methods can be effective where you are absolutely sure you’re only dealing with the odd pest, but most of the time, you’re far better off hiring a professional pest control company to get rid of pests and make sure they stay out.

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