Feeling Hot Hot Hot

‘The sun is shining, the weather is sweet’ as Bob Marley would say however the glorious heatwave we are having also brings with it increasing numbers insects. Rising temperatures speed up the average  life cycle of flies, wasps ants and bugs. As we take to the outdoors and open up our homes to bring in some much welcomed cool air food sources become readily available resulting in more insects infesting our homes as they as they seek food. 

Here’s our top tips for keeping them at bay 

  1. Keep door and windows closed where possible or install a suitable fly screen 
  2.  Don’t leave food or drinks open and uncovered – human and pet food!
  3. Check pets for fleas regularly, clean bedding regularly and clear away faeces 
  4. Clean up spliages, crumbs and any other food  / drinks debris 
  5.  Ensure waste appropriately binned and bins closed and covered. This includes garden waste  
  6.  Insects love water too so keep water butts covered. Goldfish love larvae so stock ponds accordingly!
  7. Maintain drains – keep them clean and clear of debris 
  8. Proof any cracks and crevices that will allow bugs to enter home
  9. Check for and remove old bird nests – be careful to ensure that the nest is not active before moving or disturbing. 

Have an Insect Issue?? Call the office for help 0800 028 7111

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