Good As Pets?

Roaches? Good as pets?

Not all cockroaches are deemed to be pests. We associate roaches with dirty, inhabitable environments but most roach species reside in forests, caves, jungles and county surroundings. They serve a great purpose in breaking down organic matter, in a similar way that flies do.

Here in the UK, we tend to have roach infestations related to poor housekeeping, food storage or production, crowded housing and drains.
Cockroaches will eat just about anything from hair to grease and glue to organic matter.

This behaviour and liking for these environments makes it easy for these creatures to pass on diseases and bacteria. This is why we need to control them in our lives to reduce the risk of spreading disease and becoming ill.

Cockroaches are thigmotropic, which means they like to be touched on all sides. This why they squeeze into small gaps and holes.
Some say they also like to be stroked, however, I’m not sure they would make good pets but definitely a good pest!

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