Rain Rain Rain

Rain rain go away don’t come back another day! Is it just me or does the rain seam to be perpetual lately? I’m  seriously considering building an arc at head office!

Pests that hate the rain

Rainy days, as with us humans, affects the (relatively) secret lives of pests in the natural environments. Many pests live underground and in heavy downpours pest homes are subject to flooding and pests have to evacuate their homes. Ants / rodent for example will seek out nice warm shelter with accessible food. Making it highly likely your premises is the perfect refuge.  

Earwigs, springtails and woodlice are all insects who love dark and damp areas. They can also be driven inside if the rains get too heavy. Even though many of these pests enjoy moisture, there is such a thing as too damp.

Pests that love the rain

Some pests thrive in the rain. It encourages pests such as ticks and fleas to breed. They thrive in warm, humid weather with rainy periods resulting in a population explosion for people and their pets to contend with when they venture outside.

What Rain Means for Pests and Your Home

Simply all this rain can be bad news in the battle to keep premises pest free. Rodents and insects will aim to seek suitable shelter. The tiniest crack can provide an entry point for insects and rodents. Mice can squeeze through gaps as small as 6mm! (If you can fit a pen in the gap a mouse is sure to fit) Once inside, any of these pests can quickly set up camp for the long haul since finding food is easy, and there are hidden spots all over your house to nest in and live a relatively peaceful life.

How to combat the problem?

  • Pest proof your home – fill any gaps over 3mm – check foundations, all doors, door frames, windows and frames, inspect the roof, pipes, air bricks. 
  • Remove food and water as soon as possible (remove unused pet food as soon as they have fed)
  • Maintain grounds. Keep grass short, cut back trees and hedges that touch or hang over the house to prevent rodents using them as pathways in. Also trim underneath hedges to expose soil and prevent further harbourage. 

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