Rat Proof

Now that the temperatures are falling and winter is slowing setting upon us, we’ve got frost setting in; the rats are starting to migrate and move nests, so we see higher levels of activity rodent as the rats burrow underground and try to get inside our premises. It is therefore imperative at this time of year to make sure your properties are proofed against rats entering. We have visited a site today, where rats were gaining access via the cladding underneath the perimeter of the building. To stop this, we have dug half a metre down into the gravel and installed an L shaped bracket at the bottom so, when the rats burrow down the dig back on themselves and stop burrowing.

A rat can chew through most materials wood, plastic I’ve even seen them chew through metal roller shutter doors on a grain silo. Rats in numbers can cause significant damage, not just to buildings, but to products as well as, carrying and spreading diseases. Rats carry and spread several diseases.
The harder we make it for them to get in the more successful we will be at curing the problem. Control can be achieved by finding the root cause of the problem and implementing a multi-pronged plan from there.

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