Why Is First Time Fix Important?

What is first time fix?

Firsttime fix is a simple measure used by field service organisations to determine the proportion of issues that are resolved on the first visit.

How does it differ from a traditional pest control approach?

Pest control traditionally has inherent problems with first time fix, some pest species require many visits to remove from a building, cockroaches as an example can take many visits over many months to completely eradicate. Other pest species especially rodents of course can cause huge issues for clients including closure of their businesses. Managing client’s risk is at the core of Contego’s current pest offering and ensuring we enhance our initial visit to a pest issues to reduce client risk is at the very heart of our business. We live and breath reducing pest activity fast.

What does it mean for the customer?

For our clients with pest activity, we ensure the initial visits to site for planned maintenance or call out services encompasses every aspect of the infestation and a plan to rectify the issue, we empower our teams with the time, resource, training and equipment to deliver the best outcomes possible at the earliest opportunity’s. We use a Big Data approach to ensure we make the correct actions work on visit one, not visit 3 or 4 therefore reducing our customers risk and protecting their brand.

How do techs manage a call rate, whilst spending so much time at each site?

Technicians are trained to understand getting it right the first time can reduce workload and reduce risk for our customers. Poor service levels and a lack of can-do attitude can lead to many visits having to be completed before control is gained. We strive to deliver the first time fix and reduce risk on every visit

What benefits have been noted by the techs and customers?

Technicians are human, they want to be enabled to do a great job for our clients and get some job satisfaction. We allow them to spend time to give an holistic overview of our clients issues and ensure we are driving a great customer experience and curing pest activity forever! Happy employees leads to happy customers. Reducing risk for our clients drives Contego

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