Xmas Ruined

Residents of a Plymouth estate are fuming after building management have failed to eradicate a mouse infestation invading flats.

One resident said that Christmas is ‘ruined’ as ‘presents which were wrapped have been ruined either by mouse pee and poop or by the mice gnawing at them’, and residents are afraid to have relatives visit over Christmas as ‘all you can smell when you walk into your home is mice pee’.

Plymouth Community Homes has confirmed it is aware of the issue and will be resending a pest control expert to the block to solve the problem.

Head of neighbourhoods, Steve Ford said: “We understand residents of Lofoten flats are frustrated, and we’re working hard to get rid of the mice from their homes.
“We had a pest control expert baiting the block within two days of receiving reports, and they are visiting again later this week.
“It does take time to control mice in homes, but we’ll continue to work with residents to do everything we practically can to try to solve the problem as soon as possible.”

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