What is Smart Pest Control?

Commercial pest control has historically relied on using poisons and inspecting traps to rid premises of pests, but in some industries like food manufacturing, the use of poisons is either not allowed or is highly restricted. Not to mention that checking traps every day can be labour intensive if you have a large site.

So what’s the answer?

Smart pest control might just be the answer to your prayers.

So what is smart pest control?

At Contego, we are dedicated to bringing innovation to the pest control industry, and we have done this with our new smart technology. We want to change the way pest control is delivered to customers forever.

Here’s how it works.

How smart pest control technology works

If you’re a business that manufactures and packs food, you’re legally obliged to use non-toxic pest control methods in your food preparation and storage areas. Imagine if some poisonous rodent bait found its way into a batch of product you could be looking at some very serious public health implications.

So if you’re a food business, you’ll probably opt for traps, though they can be costly, and checking them every day can be labour intensive.

Smart pest control technology is a great alternative for your business.

Take our eMitter station. It’s connected to a server so you can monitor your site 24/7. If a pest gets caught in a trap, the eMitter sends a signal to the app on your phone.

Imagine always being one step ahead-knowing that there’s a rodent in the trap and there’s no chance that it will be left there, decaying for days and attracting other pests like flies.

Why your business needs smart pest control

  • It allows you to monitor your premises anytime, anywhere, and get instant notifications when a pest has been caught in the trap.
  • Instant notifications mean that pests can be dealt with sooner before they cause any real and lasting damage to your business.
  • Non-toxics baits are used, so you won’t fall foul of the law.

So you’ve invested in smart pest control, what now?

Smart technology removes the need for constant trap checking, but we don’t just provide you with a pest control solution, we’ll continually inspect your site.

We’ll assess and identify any weaknesses in your existing pest control arrangements and make recommendations that meet your needs.

We remove pests from the traps, check everything is working properly, then reposition the traps if needed. If we see the early warning signs of an infestation, we’ll act fast to deal with it, so you have complete peace of mind.

Do you have a pest control problem?

There’s no substitute for quality pest control monitoring, and our smart pest control technology is environmentally friendly, safe, and smart. We’ll bring the future of pest control to your business today.

Get in touch to find out more.

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