How Can I Keep Pigeons Out of My Factory?

Pigeons are always on the lookout for a source of food and buildings with plenty of high nooks and crannies to roost and nest in, and your factory might just fit the bill.

But if pigeons get into your factory, it’s a serious problem. These pest birds and their guano (poo) carry and spread some nasty diseases, and they can also damage property. This is bad news for any business, but if food is manufactured, packaged, and stored in your factory, it can be disastrous.

Before your reputation and your profits take a serious hit, read our advice on how you can keep pigeons out of your factory.

How to prevent pigeons from getting into your factory

First, eliminate any sources of food

Any sources of food will be very attractive to pigeons, and eliminating them will make your factory less desirable to roost or nest in. Keep your factory scrupulously clean and don’t leave food ingredients or waste lying around, inside or outside of the premises. 

It’s also a good idea to talk to nearby businesses if their poor waste management or housekeeping practices are attracting pest birds to the vicinity.

Second, use deterrents

When you are trying to prevent pigeons from nesting or roosting in or on your property, deterrents like bird spikes, bird wire, and netting can be effective at keeping them at bay.

Third, fix up your factory

If there are holes in your factory roof or walls that you haven’t got around to fixing, you could inadvertently be providing pigeons with the perfect nesting place. Make sure you fix them up-deterring pigeons is all about making your factory much less attractive to them.

Finally, deal with the guano

As we mentioned earlier, pigeon droppings can contain some harmful bacteria, so we would recommend that you don’t try to clean it up yourself.

If pest pigeons have made a mess of your factory, call in the professionals. We will blast away guano with the right equipment and products so your premises is clean, safe, and hygienic again.

Do I need professional pigeon control for my factory?

As birds are protected by the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, it’s illegal to poison or shoot them if you don’t have a license. If you put poison down, you could harm other birds and end up in legal trouble. And not only that, if you’re a food business, you won’t be able to use toxic bird control methods anyway as you could contaminate your product.

If you hire professional pest control, you can get your pest problem dealt with fast. We can deal with any existing infestation, install effective bird-proofing and deterrents, and give you expert advice on preventing any problems in the future.

To protect your business, customers, and your reputation, professional pigeon control is your best bet.

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