Urban Myth: My Cat Will Keep Mice Away

You’ve seen your cat chasing and catching mice in the garden, and you might have had the unfortunate experience of finding a dead one that they’ve brought in with them. But will your cat keep mice out of your home?

You would think so, but having a cat isn’t a foolproof way of keeping your home free from mice. Here’s why.

Not all cats are natural hunters

While cats have natural predatory instincts to chase and catch things, not all of them are natural hunters. Your average well-fed domesticated cat will only be interested in chasing mice if it wants to play.

Catching one mouse won’t nip an infestation in the bud

Even if your cat does hunt and kill that one pesky mouse, it won’t be enough to end an infestation in your home. Mice reproduce very quickly; a female can give birth to 5-8 babies and is capable of having 10 litters per year. Add to the fact that mice can reproduce from as young as 6 weeks old and you can see how your cat killing one mouse won’t keep mice away!

Your cat can’t squeeze into tiny gaps

Your feline friend might be agile, but it can’t get into the tiniest of spaces like mice can. While he or she will be able to give chase, there’s not much a cat can do about it if a mouse disappears into a tiny hole in the wall.

Having mice in your home might make your pet ill

This is one important reason why you shouldn’t rely on your cat to keep mice away. Mice carry diseases and there are some nasty pathogens in their urine and droppings which can make our pets, and us, very ill.

THE foolproof way to keep mice away

There are DIY methods like traps and baits that will work for the odd mouse you see scurrying around your home. But the chances are if you’ve seen one mouse, it’s likely that there’ll be more than one hiding out in your property. The only way to protect your home and family, and to not have to rely on your pet cat, is to call in professional pest control.

How we can help keep mice away

Our experienced technicians will come and assess your home, finding out how mice are getting in, and deal with the infestation. Not only that, we’ll recommend ways to proof your home so that the problem doesn’t happen again.

Don’t rely on your cat, call in the professionals.

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