How To Get Rid Of Rats

Any business can face a rat problem, and rat infestations are something we are seeing more of, especially in commercial properties that might have been standing empty during successive lockdowns.
As there were less people around and food sources became scarcer, rats got braver and ventured further afield for food and shelter, and it appears that many found their way into commercial properties.
In fact the BPCA reported that there has been a 51% increase in rat activity while lockdown restrictions have been in place. Closed businesses meant no pest control activities were happening, so it’s easy to see how infestations could have happened.
So if your business has a rat problem, that might explain why.
Why you need to act fast to get rid of rats
A rat problem can be a serious issue for any business, but it can be particularly disastrous for businesses in the food or healthcare industries.
Rats can cause damage to property because they gnaw through everything from cables to pipes, furniture, and walls.
Not only that, their droppings and urine contain bacteria that can cause some nasty illnesses. Imagine having to recall an entire batch of your food product because of contamination.
This could not only result in financial loss, but a loss of reputation too. Who wants their business to be associated with a potential public health problem?
Rats breed fast, so if your business has a rat problem, you need to act fast.
How to get rid of rats
Rats are very creative at finding ways to get into your premises to find food and shelter. They can get in through air vents, gaps around pipework, cracks in walls- you name it.
So the best way to deal with rats is to call in professional pest control to:
• Deal with the infestation quickly and legally- (you could try DIY options, but if you’re a food business, you’ll know that use of poisons is at best severely restricted, and you don’t want to fall foul of the law).
• Assess the pest control measures you already have in place and make recommendations on what you need to do to protect your business from further infestations.
How we can help
Professional pest control is the only way you can protect your business and have guaranteed peace of mind that your pest problems have been dealt with.
Our highly-trained and experienced technicians will survey your site, recommend a bespoke pest control solution that meets your needs, and deal with your rat problem fast and effectively.
Time is not on your side when it comes to pest infestations, but you can call on us to help you keep things safe and sanitary for your employees, visitors, and customers.
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