Bird Scarers: What Are The DIY Options

Pest birds can cause some serious problems for your business. They are a health and safety risk, they carry and spread some nasty pathogens that cause illness, they can damage your property, and they can be noisy and aggressive, particularly during breeding season.
This is why bird proofing your premises is essential; prevention is better than cure when it comes to bird control.
Bird scarers are an important tool you can use to deter pest birds from your site and keep them away for good. We offer a range of bird scarers and proofing options to suit your needs, but which is best for you?
We’ll always recommend what we think is going to give you the best results, but because every site is different, wouldn’t it be great to have a DIY bird scarer option that you could customise exactly to suit your needs?
That’s exactly what you get with Bird Alert.
What is bird alert and how does it work?
Bird alert is a smart system that monitors your site 24/7 and uses a special microphone to detect specific species of bird even from up to 250 metres away. Birds like rooks, gulls, geese, and starlings all have their own unique calls, and once the microphone detects them, it can activate up to five scare tools aimed at scaring off that particular species.
This is an important feature to have at your disposal, because birds are intelligent animals, and if you only use one thing to scare them away, they’ll eventually adapt to it and realise it’s not a threat-before you know it, they’ll be back.
What are the five scare tools that I can connect to the bird alert system?
Distress Calls: These are played at random intervals and change often to minimise the chance of birds getting used to them.
Gas Cannon: When birds are detected by the system, the cannon is triggered and produces a loud noise that scares them away.
Remote Launch Kite: A Hawk kite is raised and lowered to scare birds that are detected on your site.
Eagle Eye: This scare tool reflects the sun’s rays to dazzle birds and deter them. This is activated at random intervals.
Scare Man: The scare man instantly inflates when the bird alert system detects the presence of pest birds. This is a noise-free option, so it’s perfect if your business is in a quiet area and noisier options would cause an issue.
Is the Bird Alert system for you?
The Bird Alert system is the perfect intelligent, cost-effective, and completely customisable bird scarer and proofing solution for your site. We can help you install and manage it as part of your bird proofing and control programme.
Why choose us?
We have unrivalled experience at proofing commercial sites against pest birds; from power stations to supermarkets, we’ve successfully protected countless businesses from pest bird infestations.
We understand birds and we understand that you need a bird proofing solution that meets the unique requirements of your business and your site.
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