5 Signs You Have Ants On Your Premises

Ants on your business premises are more than just a nuisance. Unlike flies, they don’t carry diseases, but they do travel long distances to find food. This begs the question; where have they been and what have they walked through before they reached your premises? What are they contaminating your products and surfaces with?
This is a real problem if you have a food business or you operate premises where like hospitals or care homes where the strictest hygiene standards are required.
If you don’t control ants, you risk losing money and losing your reputation. You could also end up in legal trouble for not complying with your pest control responsibilities.
Ants also breed fast and if you’ve seen a few, there’s a good chance that you have an infestation.
You need to act fast to control ants in your business, and knowing the signs you have ants on your premises is a must.
5 Signs You Have Ants on Your Premises
You see live ants-if you see ants on your premises, the chances are there will be many more. Ants leave a pheromone trail behind them when they go in search for food which other ants will follow.
There are pathways- as ants scurry in and out of your home, the trail they leave attracts other ants, so you might notice ‘pathways’ around entry points.
You notice a nest- outdoor ants nests look like a pile of soil or dirt. Some types of ants nest in walls or other dark quiet areas though, and these can be harder to spot.
There are dead ants-ants often die near their nests, so seeing them can tell you there’s an infestation and where their nest is.
You can hear sounds in the walls- ants can get into your premises through the tiniest of cracks and walls are a common place for them to hide and nest. If you hear a rustling sound in the walls, it can be a sign of an ant infestation.
Do you have a problem with ants on your premises?
If you’ve seen one or more of the 5 signs of ants on your premises, you need to act fast, before you have an infestation on your hands.
Contego can help you protect your business by getting rid of the problem fast and effectively, as well as giving you expert advice on how to prevent further infestations.
Don’t leave your reputation to chance, call in the professionals.
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