How Do I Prevent Mice?

Whether you’ve had a problem with mice in the past and you’re concerned they’ll get back in, or you’ve seen a rogue mouse scuttling across your kitchen floor and you’re worried it will become a full-blown infestation, prevention is the key to solving the problem.

Preventing mice from getting into your home is the most important thing you can do because:

  • They can damage your property as they love to gnaw on everything from insulation to pipes, wiring, doors, and floorboards.
  • Their urine and droppings can contaminate food and surfaces with some nasty bacteria that are harmful to human health.
  • They breed fast; that one mouse you saw in the kitchen is capable of having 6-10 litters per year!

First things first, do you actually have mice already?

If you’ve noticed signs of mice in your home like visible droppings, gnaw marks, or tell-tale footprints, or you’ve managed to get rid of one mouse and want to prevent more from getting in, here’s how you can pest-proof your property.

How to prevent mice from getting in your home

Fill in the gaps

Mice can squeeze through the tiniest of gaps, so you need to check key areas around your home for any obvious places where they could enter your property. Here are our tips on some places to check:

Doors- If there are gaps around doors, especially at the bottom where mice could squeeze through, think about fitting brush strips to stop them from getting in.

Pipes- Seal any gaps around pipes with wire wool or sealant.

Walls- Seal any obvious holes or cracks, and check around cables and pipes too.

Vents-Obviously, you can’t seal these up, but you can put some wire mesh up to prevent mice from getting into your home.

Don’t forget the garden

Mice are great climbers so make sure there are no vines, shrubs, or branches that they can use to get access into your home. Try and keep your grass short too, to prevent mice from using it for food or shelter.

Need help preventing mice from getting into your home?

A mice infestation can be worrying and stressful, and if you’ve already seen signs of mice in your home or you want the peace of mind that your home is properly pest-proofed, you need professional help.

Our advice, whatever your situation, is to act fast and act now, before you end up with a problem that’s much tougher and more expensive to deal with.

At Contego, our highly-trained technicians are equipped with the products, know-how, and experience to deal with any pest issue, including pest-proofing your home.

Want peace of mind and a fast and effective pest solution?

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