How to Prevent Pigeons Nesting on Hospitals

Pigeons are a part of urban life, and for most of us, they are no more than a bit of a nuisance. But the fact that they gather in large numbers and carry diseases means that they can be a big problem if they choose to nest on buildings like hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

Here’s how to prevent pigeons from nesting on hospitals.

The problem with pigeons

Like many other pests, pigeons have come to rely on us for food and shelter. People feed them, and even if they don’t, there’s always something for them to scavenge. Then there’s the fact that tall urban buildings like hospitals make perfect roosting and nesting places.

This might not seem like too much of an issue, but a lot of pigeons equals a lot of droppings. This is not just unsightly, it’s also a risk to health and safety, and it can damage buildings.

Why you need to prevent pigeons from nesting on hospitals

Pigeons don’t need to get into a hospital to cause problems, all it takes is for a virus, fungus, or bacteria from their droppings to get into an air vent or to be carried in on someone’s shoes.

Imagine exposing people with weak immune systems or serious health conditions to nasty organisms like Cryptococcosis, a fungus that can cause lung disease.

Or imagine facing a lawsuit because a visitor slipped on droppings on the pavement outside.

You can’t afford to put the wellbeing of patients, employees, and visitors at risk-you need to prevent pigeons from nesting on your hospital.

How to prevent pigeons from nesting on your hospital

One of the most popular places for pigeons to nest is on rooftops. They can hide, shelter, and build a nest out of harm’s way here, and once they’ve started nesting, they can be difficult to get rid of.

That’s why we always say to our customers that prevention is better than cure when it comes to pest control.

How to keep pigeons off your roof

The Wildlife and Countryside Act of 1981 makes it illegal to kill pigeons unless you can obtain a license, so the best way to prevent them from nesting on your hospital is to use bird control methods to repel and deter them like:

Anti-Bird Spikes-which stop birds from landing or nesting on the roof.

Wires and netting– these work in the same way, creating a physical barrier that will prevent pigeons from landing or nesting.

Bird Gels– which act as a sticky trap that is difficult to get free from. Once a pigeon has been stuck once, it won’t want to repeat the experience, and it will avoid your roof.

Lasers deterrents– this involves shining a piercing light that blinds the pigeons and deters them when they are looking for a place to land or nest.

Bioacoustic systems– these can scare birds away by playing distress calls and predator sounds to create a no-fly/no landing zone around the premises.

How we can help

Contego can bird-proof your hospital to prevent pigeons nesting and causing damage and serious health and safety issues. Not only that, we can professionally remove any unsightly and hazardous droppings to leave your hospital and the surroundings safe and hygienic.

If you have a problem with pigeons, don’t wait. Get in touch today for a fast and effective solution to protect your patients, employees, and property.

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