Things To Think About When Tendering Pest Control

Do you need to outsource your pest control? Maybe you’ve been taking care of it in-house or maybe you’ve shopped around for contractors and had a bad experience.
Pest control is a specialist service and not every business will know how to find the right pest control contactor and set up a pest control contract that meets their needs.
Here are some things to think about when tendering pest control.
Have you ever tendered before?
Have you every tendered pest control before? Do you know how to set out the criteria for a pest control contract and why you need one? A pest control contract gives you peace of mind that your chosen contractor is helping you meet your legal obligations and your obligations to your customers. It also helps auditors and other regulators see that you are being proactive about pest control.
Do you know what you need?
What are your needs when it comes to pest control? Are you a food business that needs a specialist pest control company? Do you need a pest control company with specific knowledge of your sector? You’re likely to have far more success when tendering pest control if you can establish exactly what your requirements are beforehand.
How to choose the right bid
You might have several pest control companies vying for your pest management contract, but how do you choose the right one?
Choosing the right pest control contractor is critical because it helps protect your business and reputation, and also the safety of your employees and customers.
Because it’s a specialist service, you need to take these things into account when you are tendering pest control:
• Are they a BPCA member?: This will mean that they are professional, reliable, and that they provide services in line with industry standards.
• Do they offer a full quotation in writing and offer a free survey? Are they transparent about the number of visits they’ll need to make each year and the price?
• Are they fully licensed and insured?
• Are they able to show you evidence of technician training, qualifications, and accreditations?
• Do they have comprehensive reporting procedures in place?
• Do they specialise in pest control in your sector and/or offer a pest control programme that will meet your needs?
• Do they offer extra services you’ll need, like environment cleaning, pest proofing, and advice on pest prevention?
• Are they recommended by others in your industry?
A company that ticks most of these boxes will probably be a good candidate for tendering your pest control to.

Do you need help with tendering pest control?
The BPCA offers help and advice to business that want to outsource their pest control, including:
Helping you choose a pest control provider
Marketing and promoting your contract for tender
Drawing up a contract with your chosen provider, and more.

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