How To Get Rid Of Spiders In My Home

There are 650 different species of spider in the UK. They are an important part of the ecosystem and they keep insects like greenfly at bay. Most are not dangerous but they can become a nuisance if they get into your home in large numbers. Here’s how get rid of spiders from your home.
How do they get in?
You’re most likely to see spiders around your home in the autumn, when they come indoors looking for food and a warm place to hibernate for the winter. They can get in through cracks and gaps under doors and windows, and they can also hitch a ride into your home on things like clothing and furniture.
Breeding cycles
Female spiders produce silken egg sacs and they lay about 100 eggs in each sac. Spiderlings which look like mini adult spiders emerge from the sacs then they molt a few times and become adults. Egg sacs are either carried around by the female spider or you might notice them in webs around your home.
Problems associated with spiders being in the home
As we mentioned, most spiders are just a nuisance, though there are a few rare species in the UK that will bite if they feel threatened. False Widow and Yellow Sac spider bites can cause a reaction.
False Widow bites can cause pain, tingling, and swelling, and occasionally, a more serious reaction if you are allergic to their venom.
Yellow Sac spider bites are sharp and painful. They cause pain and numbness followed by sweating and nausea.
The other issue with spiders being in the home is that a lot of people have a real fear of them, known as Arachnophobia.
If you think you have a spider infestation in your home, we can help you deal with it fast and effectively.
Do I really need to get rid of spiders?
Okay, so you see a spider, or maybe a few of them scuttling around your home. You might consider:
A) Googling how to get rid of them and buying some DIY products.
B) Contacting a pest control company to come and sort out the problem out for you.
C) Hoping that it won’t become a problem and doing nothing.
The problem with option C is that spiders breed quite fast. If the sight of one spider terrifies you, imagine what an infestation would do! And of course, if you’re really unlucky, you could end up having an infestation of a rare species that aren’t afraid to bite. If the spider problem in your home feels like it’s too much to handle, call in the professionals.
The DIY route
If it’s just the odd spider in and around your home, you might want to try our professional strength Insectaclear C Insect Killer spray. It’s odourless, it won’t stain, and it’s safe to use anywhere indoors.
The professional route
If you’re dealing with a spider infestation, it’s probably a good idea to hire professional pest control. We’ll identify the species of spider that’s causing a problem in your home, recommend and carry out the best treatment, and advise you on how to prevent further infestations.
Cost of DIY vs professional service
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