Is Your Pest Control Company Putting You At Risk?

So you’ve signed a pest control contract with the company of your choice and you can sit back and relax. Or maybe not if your contractor is overlooking some key things.
Pest management and control is a legal obligation for businesses and not only that, you want peace of mind that your premises and business is not being irreparably damaged by pest infestations. Is your pest control company putting you at risk of non-compliance with the law, lost profits, and a damaged reputation? Here’s how it could happen.
They don’t fill in reports correctly
Clear, accurate, and detailed pest reporting is essential for legal and audit compliance and it’s a key part of your ongoing pest management programme. Without any accurate data about your pest management activities, services that have been carried out, and their results, how will you know that what your pest control company is doing is even working? How will you be able to prove due diligence in the event of a serious pest problem? Your pest control company could be putting you at risk.
At Contego, we provide you with detailed data on pest activity and risk. We constantly communicate with you to make sure that what we are doing is meeting your needs, and our auditing and reports can be customised to your site. For example, we could set up a system that would trigger alerts if there was a pest infestation in your customer facing areas. We give each area a risk rating and team this with a detailed action plan and our recommendations to reduce the pest risk on your site. Everything is available to you at a glance, 24/7, on your MYCONTEGO account.
They don’t fill in holes around your property
This is a simple but common way that your pest control company is putting you at risk. Pest control is not just about setting traps and eliminating pests, it’s about pest proofing your premises to prevent problems or reinfestations.
If pests are getting in through holes or cracks around your walls, windows, doors, and pipework, they need to be filled in or you’ll be faced with the same problems time and time again.
At Contego, we work in partnership with our expert pest control and bird proofing teams to help create the best pest proofing plan your premises. We are experts at identifying pest entry points and creating the most effective long-term solutions to keep pests at bay. With us, you won’t be leaving your business and reputation to chance.
They don’t number bait stations
Failing to number bait stations is also a way your pest control company is putting you at risk. If they put bait stations down but there’s no record of how many, how will they be adequately monitored and rebaited? A lack of ongoing pest monitoring is one of the main reasons that pest reinfestations occur and put your business at risk.
We like to do things a little differently when it comes to effective pest monitoring. Our innovative remote monitoring smart pest control system has a 24/7 digital dashboard where you can get email or text alerts when a pest gets caught in a trap. No more ‘forgotten’ traps or bait stations and no more arduous trap checking, just real time pest control updates and information that will you keep you on top of your pest situation.

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