5 Signs I Have Mice In My Home

Mice need food, shelter, and a water source to survive and thrive, and they can usually find all three in your home. They can get in through the smallest of gaps, cracks, and holes, and once they’re in and nesting, they breed fast.
Only 10 weeks after they are born, mice are able to mate, and a litter can come along in as little as 20 days. When you consider that a female mouse can have between 5 and 10 litters, you can see how an infestation can easily occur in your home.
But what are the signs of an infestation? Here are 5 signs you have mice in your home.
5 signs you have mice in your home
You’ll notice droppings
Mice can leave up to 80 droppings per night so if you have an infestation, seeing droppings can be one of the most obvious signs. Mouse droppings are small and dark, and you’ll usually find them near nests or along skirting boards or pathways they travel along.
Night time noises
Mice are generally most active at night so you might hear them scurrying around inside of the walls or gnawing on things in the small hours.
You’ll notice a pungent smell
Mouse urine smells very strong so if you suddenly notice a strong smell of ammonia in certain areas of your home, it’s another tell tale sign that you have mice.
There’ll be a nest or nesting materials
Mice will use materials like shredded paper, food wrappers, or cloth to make their nests. Nests can usually be found in dark, warm, hidden areas that are close to a food or water source such as behind a kitchen appliance or in the dark corner of a loft.
You’ll see a mouse
Whether you see a mouse that’s dead or alive, the chances are there’s more than one. Mice breed quickly, so if you’ve seen one, the chances are that its family aren’t too far away.
Do you have a problem with mice in your home?
If you’ve seen one or more of the 5 signs of mice in your home, you need to act fast, before that one mouse becomes an infestation.
Contego can help you protect your home and your family by identifying the problem, recommending the best solution, and getting rid of mice fast and effectively, as well as giving you expert advice on how to prevent further infestations.
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