5 Signs You Have Stored Product Insects

If you have a food business, a stored product insect infestation could be one of your worst nightmares. Stored product insects like beetles, weevils, and moths feast on foodstuffs like rice, wheat, oats, and cereals, and contaminate them in the process.
These pests might seem like a nuisance, but they can cause your business serious problems;
• They contaminate your raw materials and finished products with their waste, making them unfit for consumption;
• If your products unfit for consumption, you could run into legal trouble;
• You’ll have to dispose of contaminated products which leads to a loss of stock and profits;
• A stored product infestation can damage your reputation with customers and partners if it becomes common knowledge.
This is why it’s so important to know how to spot the signs of a stored product insect infestation early on. Early detection and treatment can stop a pest problem in its tracks before it gets serious. So what are the signs that you have stored product insects on your premises?
5 signs you have stored product insects on your premises
• You’ll notice damage on raw materials and products -you might see discolouration or mould on foodstuffs;
• With some stored product insects, you might see ‘exit holes’ in products like grains where they have tunnelled in and out of the product;
• Seeing live or dead stored product insects, or their larvae on food storage bins, boxes, or other packaging;
• You might see tracks, especially where the insects have infested products like flour;
• If you have a stored product pest infestation on your premises, it’s common to see webbing. You will usually see webbing on the outside of packaging, on machinery, and around windowsills. Webbing around machinery can be problematic as it can cause damage and blockages.
Suspect there are stored product insects on your premises?
If you’ve seen one or more of the 5 signs of stored product insects, you need to act fast. Food businesses are subject to strict regulations around food safety and hygiene, and if you don’t comply, you’ll be in legal trouble.
Contego can help you protect your business by dealing with the infestation and working with you to put a robust pest management programme in place.
From pest proofing measures to effective eradication treatments, we can help get rid of pests and keep them out of your premises for good.
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