5 Signs You Have Moths In Your Home

Leave the light on and a window open during the warmer weather and you can guarantee a moth will get in. There are lots of different types of moth, but the most common ones you’ll encounter in your home are clothes moths and pantry moths. As you might have guessed by their names, clothes moths feed on fabrics and pantry moths feed on dry foods like grains and flour.
Clothes moths get into your home on infested fabrics and pantry moths get in via contaminated foods. While the odd moth is not an issue, a moth infestation in your home can be a real problem. Clothes moths can leave holes in garments and stain them with their droppings. Pantry moths can contaminate food with their droppings and webbing.
Would you be able to spot the signs of an infestation? Here are 5 signs you have moths in your home?
5 Signs You Have Moths in Your Home
• You’ll notice damage to clothes, carpets, or furnishings. Any fabric derived from animals is fair game, including wool, silk, and fur (note that damage to carpets or fabrics like fur can be caused by other types of pest such as carpet beetles). That’s why calling in professional pest control to identify the specific pest that’s causing the problem is essential.
• There’ll be larvae which look like small maggots or caterpillars.
• You might notice silken tubes or cases. This is where the larvae live until they mature into adult moths.
• There’ll be webbing and cocoons in places like wardrobes and drawers. Clothes moths don’t tend to be attracted to the light like other types of moths, they prefer to hide out in undisturbed nooks and crannies.
• You’ll see adult moths in your home and it’s more likely that they’ll be crawling than flying if they are clothes moths or pantry moths.
Do you have a problem with moths in your home?
If you’ve seen one or more of the 5 signs of moths in your home, you need to act fast, before that one moth becomes a costly infestation.
Contego can help you protect your home and your family by identifying the problem, recommending the best solution, and getting rid of moths fast and effectively. Not only that, we’ll give you the best possible advice on how to prevent a moth infestation from recurring.
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