How To Prevent Moths From Getting Into Your Home

Unlike many other pests, moths don’t carry or transmit diseases, but it doesn’t mean they’re not capable of causing a lot of damage in your home.
There are two main species you’re likely to come across-the clothes moth or the pantry moth-and both can cause problems long before you discover an infestation.
Clothes moth larvae love to feed on clothing, mainly natural materials like wool, fur, and silk, and pantry moths infest and contaminate dried foods like grains and cereals. So before your clothes, furnishings, and food are ruined, you need to know how to prevent moths from getting into your house.
How to prevent moths from getting into your house
It can be difficult to stop moths from getting in, especially in the warmer months when doors and windows are left open. But when it comes to controlling moths, prevention really is key.
• The first step is to introduce physical barriers to them getting in through doors or windows. Use fly screens and close your curtains at night.
• Make sure you run the vacuum over regularly, especially areas that are often forgotten like under sofas or other large pieces of furniture. These undisturbed nooks and crannies are high-risk areas where moths will happily hide out and lay their eggs.
• Protect garments made from natural materials. To protect your favourite silk blouse or woollen items, keep them in sealed bags to keep moths out.
• Keep your clothing clean. Moths love dirty garments, so don’t put them back in your wardrobe or drawers without washing them first.
• Keep an eye out for signs of infestation. Because clothes moths like to hide out in dark, undisturbed places, an infestation can be hard to spot. Make sure you check:
• Underneath beds- especially in that little box room that’s full of junk!
• Inside of cupboards, drawers, and wardrobes
• Inside of the loft
What if I already have a moth problem?
For the odd moth that’s causing a nuisance, we recommend Insectaclear C Insect Killer, our fast acting, professional strength spray for flying insects. The spray is water-based so it won’t stain fabrics and it’s odourless too, so it’s completely safe to use around kids and pets.
But if there are signs of an infestation, you need to call in professional pest control. It’s the only way to eradicate moths for good and protect your precious clothes and furnishings.
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