How To Get Rid Of Fabric Pests From My Home

Found suspicious holes in your favourite sweater or threadbare patches on your carpet? You could have a fabric pest infestation in your home. The most common species are clothes moths and carpet beetles, and they love to feast on fabrics made from natural fibres like wool, silk, and leather. The reason for this is that they feed on keratin, the natural protein in them.
Before your clothing and carpets become a feast for fabric pests, here’s what you need to know to get rid of them.
How do they get in?
Carpet beetles can get into your home through gaps in the walls or around doors and windows. Clothes moths are often brought into the home in items like furniture, rugs, or clothing. Once they are in your home, fabric pests will often hide out of sight in lofts, cupboards, between floorboards, and under carpets and furniture. Because they are so good at hiding, it’s easy for a serious infestation to develop before you know it.
Problems associated with fabric pests in and around the home
Fabric pests aren’t dangerous to us, but they can cause significant damage to property. The adult pests lay their eggs on the affected items, then once the eggs hatch, the larvae start feeding on the fabric.
Do I really need to get rid of fabric pests?
So you’ve seen the signs of fabric pests around your home. What do you do?
A) Google ‘how to get rid of fabric pests’ and invest in some DIY products;
B) Contact a pest control company to come and get rid of them for you;
C) Nothing. What possible harm could a couple of moths do, right?
Option C is not really an option. Fabric pests breed fast and an infestation can get very quickly out of hand.
Solutions: The DIY route
Have a look online and you’ll see that most experts recommend vacuuming thoroughly and washing the affected fabrics on a hot wash. Having goods dry cleaned and storing them in airtight containers can be a smart move too. But when it comes to products to get rid of fabric pests, the fact is, you might only be getting rid of the pests you can see. You might kill off a handful of clothes moths, but what if you haven’t killed the larvae hiding out at the back of your wardrobe? You’ll be fighting a losing battle.
The professional route
If you want to get rid of fabric pests from your home for good, go down the professional route. At Contego, we understand pest behaviours and we can identify and treat an infestation fast. Protect your home and precious possessions by calling in the experts.
Cost of DIY vs professional service
Need help getting rid of fabric pests?

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