How To Get Rid Of Birds

Having birds in your garden can be helpful. They feed on a lot of the insects that can ruin your plants. But they can also become a downright nuisance if they get into your home or garden in numbers. Here’s how to get rid of birds from your home.
How do they get in?
Birds are on the lookout for a quiet and usually high up place to nest. They might find their way into your loft via a gap in the roof or fly down your chimney and set up home there. Other locations they love to nest on are window ledges, balconies, and the area under solar panels.
Problems associated with birds in and around the home
Depending on the type of pest birds that have invaded your property, you might have to deal with:
• Noise-nesting birds can be noisy, especially during breeding season.
• Structural damage to your home- nesting materials can clog your gutters and drainpipes which can lead to water damage to your roof and an expensive repair bill. Bird droppings can also cause damage to your home and vehicle because they are acidic and corrosive.
• Risks to your health-another reason you need to get rid of birds from your home is that their droppings contain some nasty pathogens like Salmonella and E.coli which can make you and your family very ill.
• Damage to your garden-birds will eat any fruit and veg you’re growing in your garden.
Do I really need to get rid of birds?
You hear the unmistakable sound of pigeons cooing in the loft. What do you do?
A) Google ‘how to get rid of birds’ and invest in some DIY products;
B) Contact a pest control company to come and get rid of them for you;
C) Hope that the pigeon family will find their way out the same way they got in, and do nothing.
Option C is not really an option. Birds can cause a lot of damage to your home and their presence can be a risk to health. So how can you get rid of birds?
Well, because it’s illegal under the Wildlife and Countryside Act to kill a bird or remove or destroy its nest, you’re left with two options; the humane DIY approach or calling in professional bird control to deter and remove birds legally.
Solutions: The DIY route
Do a quick Google search and you’ll see that there are plenty of DIY options for getting rid of birds from your home and garden. Some of the most popular DIY methods include bird scarers that are designed to look like their natural predators and physical deterrents such as netting and spikes.
There’s no harm in trying these, but if you try them and it has little impact on the bird problem in and around your home, you need to go down the professional bird control route.
The professional route
At Contego, our expert technicians have dealt with every kind of pest bird problem you can imagine. We understand bird behaviours and we can recommend the best bird proofing and deterrent solutions for your situation. From physical deterrents to nest removal, and trapping, we’ll provide you with a fast effective service that makes your home your own again.
Cost of DIY vs professional service
Need help getting rid of pest birds?

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