Urban Myth: For Pest Control To Work, You Have To Use Harsh Chemicals

As people become more health-conscious and environmentally-aware, they are wary of using strong chemicals in and around their home. But what about when you have a pest problem? Surely you need harsh chemicals to nip an infestation in the bud? Not necessarily.
Gone are the days when pest control involved putting down some poison and the job was done. Modern pest control is far more sophisticated. Here’s why you don’t need to use harsh chemicals to control pests and how environmentally-friendly pest control is possible.
Modern pest control is not just about using chemicals
There are several important pieces of the pest control puzzle, it’s not just about using chemicals. Inspections and surveys are carried out to identify the pest species and to find out where they could be getting in. Before you even think about treatment, you need to know what pest you’re dealing with and how to prevent the problem from happening again.
Environmentally-friendly pest control is possible!
When it comes to the treatments that we recommend, it will always depend on what we believe will solve your problem fast and effectively. But like we said, chemicals are not necessarily the road we’ll go down.
For example, we can use K9 detection and heat treatments to pinpoint and eradicate bed bug infestations. We can use visual and acoustic deterrents against pest birds, or even falconry bird control if the situation warrants it. And how can we forget smart pest control? This is one of the most exciting innovations in modern pest control and it’s an ideal solution if you have a rodent infestation. We set up the system and traps in and around your property, and the technology will alert you via an app on your phone if a mouse or rat enters a trap. No having to check traps around the clock, just peace of mind that your rodent problem is being dealt with.
Environmentally-friendly, non-toxic DIY pest control solutions
While we never recommend using DIY products to control a heavy infestation, if you want to tackle the odd pest on your own, we do stock non-toxic professional standard pest control products. These are safe to use in your home around children and pets and they don’t contain any harsh chemicals.
Products you might buy online or from DIY stores might offer no such guarantees, so be careful about what you buy.
Sometimes, chemicals are necessary
We have plenty of environmentally-friendly and chemical-free pest control solutions at our disposal, however, sometimes it is necessary to use chemicals depending on the situation. At Contego, our technicians will always use products safely and responsibly to keep you and your family safe while getting rid of your pest problem.
Contego: pest control innovation in action
We don’t put down some poison and go. We are aware of the impact of any pest control treatments we carry out on you and your family, and on the environment. Our expert technicians strive to balance effective treatments for your pest problem with protection of your health, non-target species, and delicate eco-systems.
Where chemicals are needed, we’ll use them safely and responsibly. Wherever possible, we’ll recommend the environmentally-friendly and humane pest control option, along with the use of innovative pest control technology.
Need pest control and want to know if there’s a better way?
There is.
Call in Contego.

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