Urban Myth: I Only Need Pest Control In The Summer

Urban Myth: I Only Need Pest Control in the Summer
While it’s true that some pests are more noticeable in the summer months, they can be a problem all year round. As the weather changes, pest behaviours change with it, and you might have a problem with different types of pest depending on the season. Here’s why you need pest control all year round.
Why you need pest control all year round
If we suggest that you should have pest control all year round, we aren’t trying to scam you or rip you off. It’s because some pests are more or less active depending on the season, and some pests can cause problems no matter the time of year.
In spring:
Insects wake up from their winter hibernation and they are on the lookout for food and building nests. It’s also mating time for many species.
Ants: Ants will travel further from their nests in search of food and they often end up in our homes.
Flies: Flies mature at the start of the spring and usually find their way into our homes as they search for food.
Spiders: Spiders are on the lookout for food too as they wake up from their winter slumber. A larger insect population means that there’s plenty of prey around.
Bees and wasps: These insects become more active and start to build their nests and mate in the spring.
Bed Bugs: Increased travel in the Easter holidays means bed bugs can thrive.
In summer:
Insects get a little braver and venture out looking for food. We’re all familiar with wasps and flies spoiling our picnics and BBQs.
Bees and wasps: Bee and wasp populations are at their highest in the summer months, and they may build their nests near your home.
Ants: Ants continue to thrive in the summer and summer downpours drive them into our homes for shelter.
Flies: Summer is peak time for flies. Hotter temperatures mean that waste decays faster and this attracts them into our homes and bins.
Bed Bugs: Summer travel means that bed bug infestations are more likely.
In the autumn:
Pests like spiders and rodents start to head indoors for food and shelter as temperatures lower.
Cockroaches: Cockroaches head indoors in colder weather for food and shelter.
Spiders: Spiders also head into our homes in search of food and shelter.
Mice and rats: Rodents want the same as many other pests; warmth, shelter, food, and water. Your home is the ideal cold weather hibernation spot.

In the winter:
If you think that there are no pests to be seen in the winter, think again! Pests will either be already in your home or will be trying to get into your home. Your home is the ideal base for them; it provides food, water, and shelter.
Mice and rats: Rodents will head into your home for food and shelter in the cold winter months.
Cockroaches: These insects love dark and damp locations, so you might just find them holed up in your basement for the winter.
Bed Bugs: Believe it or not, bed bugs can still thrive in the winter. Think about how many people travel during the Christmas holidays and in the winter months in general.
Pest control all year round is a must!
While pest activity can change depending on the weather and other factors, the fact remains that some pests are active all year round. But the fact that we know when some pests are more active means that we can anticipate problems and focus on fast, effective treatment and prevention exactly when you need it.
Investing in professional pest management is like insurance for your home or business. It protects you from pest invasions in the first place, and you’ll get the help you need should the worst happen.
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