How To Prevent Spiders From Getting Into Your Home

It’s that time of year again. The nights will soon be drawing in and spiders will be heading indoors for shelter and food. Spiders are mostly just an annoyance (though a few species do bite) but if you have a fear of them, you definitely won’t want to share your home with these creepy crawlies. Here’s how to prevent spiders from getting into your house

How do spiders get into your house?
Spiders usually find their way into your house through cracks around walls, doors, and windows. Once in, they’ll find a dark undisturbed place to hide out, such as under or behind furniture that doesn’t often get moved.

How to prevent spiders
One of the main motives spiders have for heading indoors is to find food, so one of the most effective ways to make your house less attractive to them is to remove potential food sources. Most spiders like to feast on other insects like flies and woodlice, so be proactive about deterring other insects from your home too. Yes, this includes any dead flies you’ve swatted that are lying on the windowsill!

As well as removing food sources, you should also:
• Vacuum your home thoroughly and regularly: Make sure you move larger items of furniture that would usually be left undisturbed.
• Remove any webs you notice: Remove webs that you notice around windows or coving. These could be housing egg sacs with lots of baby spiders in!
• Fill in gaps and cracks around pipes, in walls, and around doors, and windows as a physical barrier to entry.
• Remove clutter outside your house: Do you have an old pile of wood in the garden that’s been there forever? It could be a perfect sheltering spot for spiders. From there, it will be easy for them to travel into your home.

What if I already have a spider problem?
We always say that prevention is better than cure when it comes to pest control. However, if you’ve used DIY measures, followed the steps above, and you still have a problem with spiders in your home, you need to call in professional help.
If there’s the odd spider here and there in your house, you can try a DIY spray like our professional standard Insectaclear C Insect Killer. It’s water-based, odourless, and completely safe to use around your home.

The only thing with DIY treatments is that you’re never quite sure whether they’ve solved the problem. The spray might kill the odd spider you see, but what about its family that are hiding out in the loft?
The only way to guarantee that spiders have been eliminated from your home is to call in professional help. We’ll eliminate the infestation and recommend some things you can do to stop them coming back.
The only time you should see spiders around your home is when you’ve got your Halloween decorations up!
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