5 Signs You Have Spiders On Your Premises

Spiders make for fun Halloween décor, but what’s not so much fun is when they terrorise your business premises for real. While most spiders in the UK are completely harmless, an infestation won’t give customers or clients the best impression of your business. Not to mention that seeing them in numbers can be pretty scary!

You’ve seen a few spiders on your premises, but could you identify a genuine infestation?
Where do spiders hang out?
If there’s a spider infestation on your premises, you’re likely to spot them in dark, undisturbed places like storage areas, basements, and inside of boxes. Look for them in corners, around windows, and on ceilings too.
5 signs you have spiders on your premises
Think you have a spider problem in your business, but you’re not sure? Here are the 5 sure-fire signs of an infestation:
You see a lot of spiderwebs
Okay, so your general housekeeping routine isn’t perfect and you find the odd spider web now and again. That’s perfectly normal. But if you’re going about your day and you start seeing more webs than usual, especially if they weren’t there before, this can be a clear indication that spiders have moved into your premises. Don’t expect to find a spider in the webs though, they don’t live there, they just use them to catch prey.
You notice spider eggs sacs
Autumn is spider mating season. Once the spiders mate, the female lays up to 100 eggs into a silken sac. The female will then either carry the sac around, leave it on the web, or attach it to surfaces like window frames. If you see sacs around your premises, this is a sure sign of lots of spider babies coming!
You see more spiders
No matter how vigilant you are, you can expect a few spiders to get inside of your premises. But if you start seeing them every day, this is a sign that they are hiding out somewhere and multiplying.
You notice more insects in general
While this is not technically a sign of a spider infestation, generally when you notice an increase in insects like flies and woodlice, spiders are likely to be nearby. Spiders feed on these insects as well as other spiders.
You see burrows around your premises
There are a few species of spider, such as the mouse spider, that live in burrows in the ground. If you notice strange holes appearing in the grounds around your premises, there might just be a family of spiders hiding out in them!
Suspect there are moths on your premises?
If you’ve noticed one or more of the 5 signs of a spider infestation, you need to act fast to protect your business.
You could try DIY options but you need to know if:
1) You’re actually dealing with a spider infestation;
2) You’ve gotten rid of the egg sacs. Without professional know-how, it can be all too easy to get rid of the spiders you can see and forget about the army of little spiders waiting to emerge!
For peace of mind, call in the experts
Contego can help you protect your business by identifying whether there’s an infestation, recommending and carrying out the best treatment, and giving you some tips on how to proof your premises against spiders and other insects.
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