Going On Holiday?

Going on Holiday? Come Back With a Tan, Not Bed Bugs!

As travel restrictions finally ease, are you thinking of jetting off for some sun? Well our advice would be beware of the bed bugs! Some pest control companies are reporting big increases in callouts about bed bugs since people started travelling again.

To make sure you only bring a tan back with you and not some unwanted pests, follow these tips.

Don’t plonk your suitcase on the bed
When you’re tired after your airport transfer and you just want to relax, it’s tempting to want to get your unpacking out of the way. So you put your suitcase on the bed and start sorting out your shorts and swimwear. Big mistake. If there are bed bugs in the bed, they’ll climb into your empty suitcase and hitch a lovely ride home with you. Keep your suitcase off the bed, and keep it closed!

Hang your clothes up
Before you start stuffing your t-shirts in the bedside drawers, consider this; bed bugs are more likely to be hiding away in drawers. They can’t fly so they’ll have a tougher time trying to get into your clothes if they are hanging up in a wardrobe.

Check the bed and the bedside furniture
Channel your inner hotel inspector and check the bed for bed bugs or signs of bed bug activity. Look at the mattress and underneath it, and check the corners of the drawers in any bedside furniture. Aside from looking for the adult bed bugs themselves look for dark spots or reddish stains which could be bed bug faeces. Bed bug eggs can be very difficult to see with the naked eye.

Don’t store clean and dirty clothing together
A holiday is a chance to have a break from doing the laundry, but make you sure you don’t store soiled or sweaty clothing with your clean stuff. Take a plastic bag to store your dirty clothing in and secure it.

When you get home, do this…
Don’t unpack you suitcase in your bedroom. When you unpack it, check the seams and hidden pockets to make sure you haven’t brought back any unwanted guests. Wash all of your clothing, and wash items on a hot wash where possible.
We hope these help you avoid bringing any unwanted pests into your home. If you’ve been away and you’ve not heeded the warnings however, don’t panic. We can help.
For expert help and advice with a bed bug problem in your home, call in the professionals.
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