How to Prevent Cockroaches From Getting into Your House

Cockroaches are not just a common pest you’ll see in your holiday apartment, they are common in the UK too. These hardy pests are attracted to places where they can get food, moisture, and shelter, so your home is a perfect pitstop.

Once inside of your home, an infestation can quickly become established and cockroaches can contaminate anything they come into contact with. Here’s how to prevent cockroaches from getting into your house.

How do cockroaches get into your house?
Contrary to popular belief, you don’t get cockroaches because your house is dirty. They can get in on infested items you bring into your home, or via gaps and cracks in walls or around pipes.
How to prevent cockroaches from getting into your house
Get rid of potential food sources
Food is one of the main attractions for these pests. They love to feast on sugar, carbs, and sources of protein and they have even been known to eat really random things. Think paper, fabrics, and even their fellow cockroaches if things get desperate!
Eliminating potential food sources is one way to prevent cockroaches from getting into your house. Don’t leave any leftovers lying around on kitchen worktops and wipe up any crumbs or spillages as soon as possible. When it comes to storing food, keep them in an airtight container so cockroaches don’t pick up on any scents.
Empty your bins regularly
All of that rotting waste is like heaven for cockroaches. If you empty your bins regularly, there’s less chance that cockroaches will get in, find food and shelter, and infest your property.
Keep your house clean
While getting cockroaches in your house doesn’t mean that it’s dirty, keeping your home clean is one of the best ways to prevent them.
• Wiping up spills and crumbs will stop cockroaches getting in and finding food. It’s a good idea to not leave pet food lying out for too long either.
• Vacuum regularly to get rid of debris and dirt that might be attractive to cockroaches.
• Get rid of clutter. Piles of clutter like newspapers and packaging are a safe haven for cockroaches. Once they have found a safe place to nest, they use pheromone signals which attracts more cockroaches.
Keep your property well-maintained
• Fill in any gaps or cracks in walls, skirting board, and around pipes and sockets.
• Speaking of pipes, check and repair them often, and be sure to unblock drains. Cockroaches love to hide out where there is damp.

What if I already have a cockroach problem in my house?
Prevention is always better than cure when it comes to pests in your house. You can try DIY products, though they aren’t always reliable. You might be able to kill the odd cockroach, but how can you be sure that you’ve eliminated any eggs? You could be fighting the same battle for months on end.
So if you’ve tried DIY methods and the prevention tips above and you still have a problem with cockroaches, you need professional help.
This is the only way to guarantee that cockroaches have been eliminated from your house. Contego will help you protect your home and family by eliminating the infestation and giving your expert advice on how you can stop it from ever happening again.

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