How to Prevent Pigeons from Nesting Under Your Solar Panels

You invested in solar panels to make your home more energy efficient and give the environment a helping hand. You’re happy with the investment, or at least you were until some pigeons came along and decided to nest underneath them.
Solar panels provide warmth and shelter, so they are an attractive place to nest for birds like pigeons. However, this is far from ideal for you. Luckily there are things you can do to prevent pigeons from nesting under your solar panels.

What are the problems caused by pigeons nesting under solar panels?
When it comes to the solar panels themselves, the dirt and debris of a nest can reduce airflow under solar panels and make them heat up. This makes them less efficient and they won’t last as long as you first thought. Also, dirt and debris like feathers, guano, and nest materials can block pipes and gutters causing leaks and other damage that can be expensive to rectify.

How to prevent pigeons from nesting under your solar panels
There a number of things you can try to prevent pigeons from nesting under your solar panels;
Galvanised or stainless steel mesh
This is one of the most common and effective ways of preventing pigeons from getting under your solar panels. It’s a strong, durable solution that will survive the elements too.
Bird netting
Bird netting is an effective deterrent which can prevent pigeons from landing on your roof in the first place, never mind setting up residence under your solar panels. Bird netting is less expensive than mesh but it doesn’t tend to last as long.
Bird spikes
Spikes work really well to prevent birds from landing anywhere, but be aware, they won’t add anything to your home’s aesthetic appeal. We recommend them in cases where heavy duty bird proofing is required and combined with mesh, they make for one of the most effective bird deterrents.
Bird scarers
There are lots of different bird scarers on the market. From visual deterrents like decoy birds of prey to auditory deterrents, lasers, and more, the whole point is to use the pigeons’ natural instincts against them. These can be effective initially, but the thing to remember is that birds can quickly get used to one type of deterrent. They might see the decoy bird every day and come to realise that it’s not a threat. So if you do use bird scarers, it’s best to use them alongside a bird proofing method.
And finally-keep your garden and roof clean!
If your rubbish bins are overflowing and your roof and gutters are full of debris that pigeons can use as nesting materials, don’t be surprised if your garden is attracting more birds. Keep your bin lids closed, keep your garden tidy, and give your gutters and the areas around your solar panels a clean every now and again.
Got pigeons nesting under your solar panels?
Call Contego for fast and effective help and advice on bird proofing and deterrents.

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