Keeping Birds Away from a Supermarket Canopy

A roof canopy is the perfect place for pest birds to set up home. It can offer protection from the elements and predators, and all in all, it’s an ideal place to nest.

But if pest birds are perching or nesting on your supermarket canopy, it definitely isn’t good for business. Pest birds are noisy, messy and sometimes aggressive. Their droppings contain some nasty bacteria (as well as being acidic enough to corrode buildings and slippery if they end up all over the pavement). You’ve got to do something. Here’s how to keep birds away from a supermarket canopy.

The importance of bird proofing
When it comes to keeping pest birds away from a supermarket canopy, or any roof area for that matter, bird proofing is the most effective thing you can do. At Contego, we have a lot of bird proofing and bird control methods at our disposal. The main proofing method we’d consider for a canopy is bird netting. Bird netting is an effective physical barrier that blocks birds from landing or nesting on a canopy. It’s one of our most requested bird control systems because it’s effective and discreet.
Other bird proofing methods that prove effective at deterring birds from landing on roof spaces include:
Bird mesh
This is a heavy duty bird proofing solution. Stainless steel mesh is extremely durable and has a lot of uses, from protecting gutters and the underside of canopies to deterring birds from landing on any roof surface.
Bird spikes
Bird spikes, installed in single or multiple rows, create an uneven surface, making it hard for pest birds to land. They deter birds without causing them any harm.
Bird scarers
Bird scarers such as laser deterrents, acoustic systems, and our Bird Alert system can be effective at controlling birds. Especially when you combine them with proofing methods. It’s important to remember though that birds will most likely get used to a deterrent if it’s used frequently so it’s better to have a few bird control methods at your disposal.
Bird gel (fire gel)
Fire gel is an effective pest bird deterrent. Put it on your roof top or on ledges, and the UV light reflecting from the natural oils in the gel will appear like a flame to a bird. This will tell the bird that it’s not a safe place to land. Fire gel can be effective for up to a year.
To keep birds away from a supermarket canopy: call Contego
Contego is one of the UK’s leading bird control companies. Our unrivalled bird proofing experience ranges from working on complex sites like rail platforms and power stations to protecting hundreds of supermarket stores from pest birds. Check out our case study where we proofed an Asda supermarket canopy against pest birds.

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