Can You Hear Mice in Your House?

Twas the night before Christmas when all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. 

So goes the well-known poem. 

Are you hearing strange sounds at night? According to pest experts, there are some sounds that might indicate that you have mice in your house. Mice are nocturnal, they’re fast, and they’re experts at hiding, so you might not see them. But if you hear these sounds, especially at night, it’s a clear indication of their presence.

The sounds that suggest there’s mice in your house 

Scratching noises

Mice make scratching noises when they climb or crawl, or when they are creating entry points to somewhere safe and warm where they can hide out. You might hear scratching noises in walls, ceilings, and in the loft. 

You’ll hear the pitter patter of tiny feet

Mice are tiny creatures, so when they are scurrying around, you’ll probably just hear a light pitter-patter type of sound. The chances are, you probably won’t hear a solitary mouse, but if there’s a lot of mice in your house, the sound will be a lot more noticeable. If what you’re hearing sounds louder, there could be a larger pest in your house like a rat.  

Dragging sounds

Once there are mice in your house, they’ll build a nest. This is often somewhere dark, quiet, and undisturbed, like inside of your walls or in the loft. Mice will scurry about your house looking for materials like cardboard and newspapers to build their nests. If you hear a dragging sound inside of your walls, this could be mice carrying back materials to build their nest. 

You’ll hear gnawing sounds 

Mice love to chew on things like drywall and cardboard. Take it from us, if there are several mice in your house and they’re all chewing on wood, you’ll hear it! As well as being able to hear the gnawing, you’ll probably be able to notice the damage too. Are those cardboard boxes in the garage all chewed up? Can you see claw and teeth marks on food packaging? These are sure signs that there are mice in your house. 

Squeaking noises

Ask a child what sound a mouse makes and they’ll probably say it squeaks. And they’re right. The squeaking sound is how mice communicate with each other. Because they’re most active at night, that’s when you are more likely to hear the sound. 

Have you noticed signs of mice in your house? Don’t wait too long to act. Mice droppings and urine contain some nasty bugs that cause illness and though they are small, mice can be quite destructive pests. 

For peace of mind and to nip your mouse problem in the bud sooner rather than later, call in the professionals. 

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