DIY Pest Control Product Spotlight: Mini Smoke Bomb Bedbug Killer

Have you noticed bed bugs in your house? Have you spotted a few crawling on the crevices of your mattress? Do you want to stop the problem before it becomes a serious infestation? For serious infestations, we usually advise against DIY pest control. However, in some cases, it can be effective. Here’s the next in our series on DIY pest control and the products you might need. 

Need to get rid of bedbugs from your house?

Should I try DIY pest control?

You can try DIY pest control for bed bugs if you’ve only seen the odd insect and there are no other signs of infestation like:

  • Blood stains on sheets or pillowcases
  • Dark or ‘rusty’ looking spots on sheets and mattresses, bed clothes, and walls. These marks are caused by bedbug faeces. 
  • Shed skins in areas where bedbugs have been hiding out. 
  • An unpleasant, musty odour

What DIY pest control product should I use to get rid of insects from my house?

One product which can work really well on bedbugs is our Mini Smoke Bomb Bedbug Killer. They can eradicate bed bugs with just one treatment and are effective against other insects as well. Insect sprays are also a good option, but smoke bombs have an advantage. The smoke can get into those hard to reach areas where it might be difficult to spray in to. 

How does a smoke bomb work?

Smoke bombs work by releasing a pesticide into the air. Once the pesticide falls to the ground, it coats surfaces and kills bed bugs. 

What is the active ingredient in the Mini Smoke Bomb Bedbug Killer?

The active ingredient is cypermethrin. This is a long-acting man-made insecticide. 

How does cypermethrin kill bed bugs?

Cypermethrin is a poison which acts on a bed bug’s nervous system. On contact, the smoke causes paralysis and inhibits essential functions like feeding. Death usually happens pretty soon after. 

Is the Mini Smoke Bomb Bedbug Killer toxic?

Even though they are licensed by the government for home use, the smoke bombs are professional strength and so they should be used with care. 

Are there any special precautions?

As you would expect with a professional strength pesticide, it pays to take precautions. With the mini smoke bomb bedbug killer, we’d advise:

  • Making sure there are no people or animals in the area you need to treat
  • Removing all foods and kitchen utensils from the treatment area and covering all surfaces if need be
  • Closing doors and windows and sealing off anywhere a draught could get in. The smoke bombs work best in a sealed area
  • Covering smoke alarms as the smoke bomb can trigger them
  • Ventilating the treated areas as much as possible after use
  • Washing hands before and after use and avoiding contact with the skin

Want to get rid of bedbugs in your house?

Smoke bombs are great and can be very effective. The only thing is, you can’t always be sure that the smoke will get into every crack and crevice where bed bugs are hiding out. Smoke bombs don’t tend to affect their eggs either, so they are not guaranteed to completely eradicate the problem. 

There’s no harm in giving them a try, but if you still notice signs of infestation after treatment, call in the professionals. 

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