How to Spot a Scam Pest Control Company

It seems like there’s a scam for everything these days, and pest control is no exception. Whether you need pest control for your business or home, here’s how to spot a potential scam pest control company. 

There’s no evidence of a license, qualifications, or membership of a professional body

This is a huge red flag. A legit pest control company will be have no problem showing you evidence of their professional qualifications and licenses. You’ll also be able to check if they are a member of the BPCA. BPCA members have been audited to ensure they abide by the highest professional industry standards, so if you’re looking for a good pest controller, we’d recommend starting there. 

Another thing to look out for is a pest control ‘company’ where only one person is actually qualified. Yes, this does happen. A scam pest control company could have someone who is actually qualified giving ‘training’ to other employees. It’s not enough to spend a few minutes showing someone how to use a pesticide or carry out a treatment. The chemicals we use and the treatments we carry out could be dangerous in the wrong hands. 

They can’t prove that they are insured

A reputable pest control company will hold insurances to protect you and them while they carry out the work. This will cover professional and public liability, personal injury, and property damage. A scam pest control company probably won’t be able to show you any such documentation. If they can’t, don’t hire them, no matter how competent they claim to be. 

A scam pest control company won’t be clear on pricing 

Scam pest control companies usually fall into two camps:

The one whose prices seem too cheap to be true (spoiler alert: they are)

The one who will add in a lot of ‘extras’ on top of the original quote.

When you are looking for pest control, price is usually a consideration. But we’d strongly advise you to opt for reasonable and affordable rather than cheap. If someone quotes you a price that seems too good to be true, it probably is. A scam pest control ‘company’ might be one man and his van who looks the part, but charges you a cheap price because he’s:

  1. Not insured
  2. Not qualified
  3. Using products you could probably get online or over the counter. 

Insurance, training, and proper products and equipment all cost money and that will be reflected in the price that a reputable company charges you. 

The second type of scam pest control company will come in for one issue, then they’ll suddenly ‘discover’ more issues that need attention. Sometimes this does happen. An infestation or issue might be more complex to rectify that we thought and more treatment may be needed. But we’ll discuss this with you at the beginning. We won’t just spring hidden costs on you. Beware of the cowboys that do. 

There are a lot of poor reviews online

While you can’t always please everyone, a reputable pest control company will have plenty of positive reviews online. A scam pest control company will either have no online presence at all, or if they do, there’ll be a trail of unhappy customers complaining about their lack of competence/general shady practices. 

If you’re looking for a competent pest control company who’ll get the job done safely and quickly, start by searching for one on the BPCA website. Check them out online and see what their previous customers have said. Ask to see evidence of their training, insurance, and licenses. This is not over the top. You need to know that your business or home is in the hands of people who know how to deal with your issue safely.

We are one of the fastest growing pest control companies in the UK and our customers are at the heart of everything we do. You want peace of mind. You want great service. You don’t want Joe Bloggs with his van full of knock off rat poison. Trust us. 

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