Why You Need Pest Control In Your Warehouse

A warehouse is like paradise for pests. Plenty of dark nooks and crannies to hide and nest in. Lots of boxes and stored products. Pest control in warehouses can be a challenge, especially if you have large premises. But failing to control pests can be very costly. Here’s why you need pest control in your warehouse. 

Why Should I Control Pests in my Warehouse?

In a nutshell, pest control in warehouses protects the business as well as employees and customers. Here are the risks of not having a pest control programme in place.

Pests Can Contaminate Products

Pests like rats and mice carry diseases. If they contaminate your stock not only will it cost you money, it could end up being a serious risk to public health. If you’re a food business, failing to control pests in your warehouse could land you in serious legal trouble too. 

Your Property Could Be Damaged

Rodents love to chew. Don’t underestimate the damage that rats and mice can do. They are known to chew through wood, insulation, wiring, and even metal. This means damage to your warehouse building and expensive machinery, as well as being a fire hazard. Stored products aren’t safe either, rats and mice will often chew through cardboard boxes and use them for nest material.  

Pests can Impact on Profits

If pests damage machinery or contaminate stock it can hurt productivity and profits. Think about the loss of productivity that might result from waiting for replacement equipment or stock. Think about delays in processing orders or even having to suspend operations completely while you deal with an infestation. 

Your Reputation Could be Damaged

Pest control in warehouses protects the reputation of businesses. Think about it. A food retail customer places a huge order with you. Then a member of the public buys the product from the retailer. The member of the public gets very sick and complains. The product is tested and it’s found to be contaminated. The retailer might re-consider doing business with a company who doesn’t take pest control seriously. The member of the public might take to social media or go a newspaper to tell others about their experience. Everyone knows it’s your product; who’s going to take the risk and buy from you again? 

We’ve all seen stories like this, and we all know that some businesses don’t recover from this kind of reputational damage. 

Failing to Control Pests Can Get You Closed Down

Food safety legislation is clear on what a business owner’s duties are when it comes to pest control in warehouses. If you can’t demonstrate that you have measures in place to prevent and control pests and an infestation occurs, you can be prosecuted and/or fined. Environmental Health can also order you to close either temporarily or permanently if the situation warrants it. 

Protect Your Business with a Pest Control Programme 

A pest control programme for your warehouse is the only way to protect your business, employees, and customers. The risks of not controlling pests on your premises are just too high. 

Contego’s expert technicians will carry out a survey of your property and work with you to create a comprehensive pest management plan. From pest-proofing strategies to dealing with infestations should the worst happen, we’ve got you covered. 

Don’t put your business at risk, get your warehouse pest control sorted now. 

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